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Missing Persons

Crime Stoppers encourages anyone with information about the cases featured below to submit a webtip.

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Missing As Of: 7-13-2004

Last Known Location
Lubbock, Texas

Name: Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson
Sex: FemaleRace: Caucasian
Age: 26DOB: 1977
Height: 5ft 5inWeight: 110 lbs
Hair: BrownEyes: Blue

The Lubbock County Sheriff`s Office is searching for a 26-year-old woman, Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson, missing under suspicious circumstances, believed to be in danger. She was last seen Tuesday morning, July 13, in the 2400 block of 118th St. Her boyfriend told deputies that Wilkerson was driving home from that location and then to work at Nothin` Butt Smokes. Wilkerson made it home; however she did not report to work. She also never called her employer or picked up her last paycheck, the Sheriff`s Office said. Her father, Jack Wilkerson of Hobbs, NM reported her missing Wednesday afternoon, after he failed to locate her. When sheriff`s deputies arrived at her home in South Lubbock County, they found Wilkerson`s car and two sets of house and car keys hanging on a hook just inside the door. Her roommate was also contacted, but said that he had not seen or heard from her.Jennifer was last seen wearing a red halter top, blue capri pants and black flip-flops. She has several tattoos: a small ladybug on the right rear of her neck, a dragon that wraps around her right ankle, a red rose with a small snake wound around the stem on her upper left arm, a butterfly on her back, roses on her right wrist, a fish on her stomach, a tattoo around her left leg and she wears a lip ring.
Help find Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson

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Missing As Of: July 12, 2008

Last Known Location
1919 N. Hancock

Name: Rene Escobar Sanchez
Sex: MaleRace: Hispanic
Age: 36DOB:
Height: 5ft 8inWeight: 180 lbs
Hair: BlackEyes: Brown

Rene Escobar Sanchez was last seen by his wife on July 12 at 11:00 p.m. in his garage at 1919 N. Hancock. Sanchez’s wallet, vehicle, cap and phone were all left at his house. Family members report that it is odd behavior for Sanchez to have no contact with his family. Sanchez is 36 years old, 5’8” tall and 180 lbs. He was last seen wearing a gray/greenish polo shirt, beige cargo shorts and black Nike shoes. Sanchez has a large dragon tattoo on his right inner arm area
Help find Rene Escobar Sanchez

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Missing As Of: 1/27/1997

Last Known Location
Odessa (Ector County)

Name: Ana Bell Luvaul Juarez
Sex: UnknownRace: Caucasian
Age: DOB: 1967
Height: 5ft 1inWeight: 105 lbs
Hair: BrownEyes: Brown

Ms. Juarez has an appendectomy scar. She was last seen wearing a white western shirt, blue jeans and gray boots.
Help find Ana Bell Luvaul Juarez

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Missing As Of: 02/1980

Last Known Location
Odessa, Tx

Name: Kristy Lynne Booth
Sex: UnknownRace: Unknown
Age: DOB: 1960
Height: 5ft 7inWeight: 120 lbs
Hair: UnknownEyes: Unknown

Ms. Booth has pierced ears and a birthmark on the right side of her stomach. She was last seen wearing a white button down blouse, pink vest and blue jeans. Ms. Booth was not wearing shoes when she disappeared. Her 1975 maroon and white AMC Pacer was found abandoned approx. 1.5 miles south of I-20 on SH349 (Rankin Hwy).
Help find Kristy Lynne Booth

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Missing As Of: 11/1975

Last Known Location
Terlingua, Tx

Name: Phyllis Eleanor Berry
Sex: UnknownRace: Unknown
Age: DOB: 1954
Height: 5ft 5inWeight: 110 lbs
Hair: UnknownEyes: Unknown

Phyllis Eleanor Berry was last seen at the "World Championship Chili Cookoff" in Terlingua in November of 1975. She may have left the area on the back of a motorcycle with an unknown male subject. An extensive search of the area was performed, but Ms. Berry was not located. Ms Berry has pierced ears, a flat brown mole oh her lower right abdomen, a slight space between her two front center teeth and a freckle between her thumb and right wrist.
Help find Phyllis Eleanor Berry

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Missing As Of: September 1982

Last Known Location
Odessa, Texas

Name: Jeannette Drzewiecki
Nickname: Jeannette Gesela Stanelle; Jeanette Reader
Sex: FemaleRace: Caucasian
Age: DOB: 1963
Height: 5ft 8inWeight: 125 lbs
Hair: UnknownEyes: Unknown

Jeannette Drzewiecki has not been seen nor heard from since September 1982. Ms. Drzewiecki had worked in a local strip club using the name Cherry and days before her disappearance she had a baby. Drzewiecki is described as a white female who was 25 when she went missing with hazel eyes and brown hair. She was about 5`8" tall and weighed 125 lbs. Investigators suspect foul play in Ms. Drzewiecki’s disappearance and her family has looked for her for over 20 years
Help find Jeannette Drzewiecki

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Missing As Of: 10/1/2003

Last Known Location
Balmorhea (Reeves County)

Name: Monica Cassandra Carrasco
Sex: FemaleRace: Hispanic
Age: 16DOB: 1986
Height: 5ft 5inWeight: 110 lbs
Hair: BlackEyes: Brown

Case: R0310004
Other ID: Endangered
Monica has a mole on her cheek, a chicken pox scar on her forehead near her hairline and her ears are pierced. She also has red streaks in her hair. Monica was last seen wearing a long beige nightgown and could possibly be carrying a black bible. She suffers from depression and an eating disorder and may be in the need of medical attention.
Help find Monica Cassandra Carrasco

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Missing As Of: May 1981

Last Known Location
Mrs. Mungia was last seen on May 28, 1981 in Odessa when she left home to visit a friend in Okalhoma City.

Name: Judie Kay Lowery Mungia
Sex: FemaleRace: Caucasian
Age: DOB: 12/30/1948
Height: 5ft 3inWeight: 150 lbs
Hair: BlackEyes: Hazel

In May of 1981, 32 year old Judy Kay Mungia disappeared from her home on McKnight Street in north  Odessa.  She has never been seen nor heard from again.

 She was supposedly was going to Oklahoma City and her vehicle was later found in an airport parking lot there...but those who knew her best, do not believe Judy Mungia would have ever just walked away, leaving her then 11 year old son behind.  And, we think they are right.

 There has been a lot of speculation over the years about what really happened to Judy Mungia and law enforcement officers believe foul play is involved.     

Help find Judie Kay Lowery Mungia

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