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Like Clark Kent (Superman) or like Peter Parker (Spiderman), - you too will have a nameless face, well actually a faceless and nameless face. Your call, text or e-mail tip is completely untraceable.  No one will ask for your name or any identifying information.  As a matter of fact, if you slip and tell us your name... we actually delete that information from the tip before we pass it on.  We are here to protect you !

Phone Tips are taken by trained call takers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who know how to walk you through giving enough information, without revealing anything personal.  The calls are not traced, verified or otherwise recorded - and there is no caller ID.  After submitting your tip, you will be provided with your own unique ID number that you will use when checking the status of your tip or picking up your reward.
Web Tips submitted through this website are securely encrypted, entirely confidential, completely anonymous and are immediately and securely transferred directly to the Student Crime Stoppers offices.
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You can help save a friend, save a stranger, save your school and even save your life!
Tips we receive are taken very seriously.  We do our best to gather as much information from you as we will need and then get that information to the proper authorities.


By apathy, we mean that if the crime did not happen to you, if it was not your locker broken into or your calculator stolen, then you may tend to not get involved.  The Student Crime Stoppers Program combats apathy by offering a cash reward and keeping you ANONYMOUS !

Who will if you don't?

You may think it's not your business.  It is!  You may think it doesn't matter.  It does!  Ask the parent whose daughter was killed by the drunk driver that left the party that you heard about all week long.  Ask the friend of the guy who overdosed on drugs last weekend. Ask the kid who had his car stolen.   
Ask yourself!  Do you want to be afraid to go in the parking lot after dark to get in your car?  Do you want your little brother who is coming to this school next year to be bullied every day?  Do you want to sit down in the grass and realized you just missed sitting on a drug needle?  

You know what is going on!

You walk by the girl who sells drugs every day.  You sit behind the guy who cheats off your friend's exam two seats up.  You know when a fight is going to happen.  You've seen the gun.  

You are a student!